cocoa1.jpg‘Tis the season hohoho to drink hot cocoa. 

Here is my simple recipe for homemade instant cocoa mix. I usually make a batch about now for the cold winter months ahead. 

This recipe beat Swiss Miss, Nestles, Prozac, and placebo in a double blind taste test trial at Yale University. The results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  

Do not dare to question this.  

Ur Spo Co Co 

1 cup sugar

½ cup unsweetened cocoa  –  use a good quality cocoa

2 cups nonfat powdered milk

¾ cup powdered non-dairy creamer

¼ teaspoon salt  

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and place in a storage container. 

For hot cocoa – Place a rounded ¼ cup of mix into a mug. Add enough boiling hot water to dissolve the mix. Then fill up the mug with boiling water. 

Ta da !