bridgegame.jpgWe recently we had a visit from Someone’s niece. We played cribbage. I haven’t played the game in over 20 years. My grandmother used to play the game; my parents continue to play it.

It made me think about playing cards in general. 

My parent’s and grandparent’s generation seemed to play a lot of cards. This was a marvelous way to socialize. Couples were continually coming over for evening games of gin or hearts or cribbage.

Then there was bridge. My parents belonged to several bridge clubs. When my mother had “bridge night”, it was quite an event: card tables were set up and we boys would help with the preparations. I could these events were important. I realize now bridge was a social superglue. I don’t know how to play bridge. My grandmother, the ‘high priestess’ of bridge, refused to teach me how to play it. She was genuinely fearful that if I learned to play it, I would waste my college days away playing bridge. 

I don’t know many people my age who play cards, let alone bridge. Most people who play at cards do so at the casino rather than in the context of a community – and they play alone, not with their neighbors. They play for money. I think this is a loss. 

Cards were the means to get together and talk and relate to friends and neighbors.  

So I miss the card games. And I wish I knew how to play bridge.

Any Spo-fans know and play?