Today Someone and I go to Santa Fe. We will attend the Santa Fe Opera. This is turning into an annual event.


The Santa Fe Opera is a splendid setting. It is outdoors, and behind the stage you can see on the horizon the mountains of New Mexico. Last year there was distant lighting which added to the show.

We will hear “Billy Budd” by Benjamin Britten. For those who don’t know this opera, it is about an American sailor impressed into the British Navy.

This opera combines some of the best things about opera – music, violence, Mr. Britten, and handsome men on stage in various stages of undress – and it is about sailors! What more do you want from an evening? 


We will stay in the Inn of the Turquoise Bear, which is one of my favorite places. Alas it is very popular so we couldn’t stay there last year.  The two men who run the B&B are good hosts.


This year we drive to Santa Fe. It will take 9 hours. We planned this before gasoline got so expensive, but we are still looking forward to the drive through Arizona and New Mexico. 

We have a lecture from The Teaching Company to fill up some time: “The History of the Vikings”. By the time we return I will have experienced Sailors and Vikings – all in the desert!


Having a car with a trunk allows us to purchase an object d’art from one of the many splendid art galleries in Santa Fe. It is well known for its artists and their galleries.  Since we just shelled out thousands of dollars to redo the house, I doubt we will be buying art. I plan to stock up on hot peppers and salsa instead.


See you on Sunday night!