Work has been nasty. The clinic keeps making mistakes in appointments times, cramming more people in etc. which makes for a hectic, long day.  I spent all of last Sunday dictating charts, no fun in that. I plan to meet with the boss to have a hissy fit and flex my medical muscles. I need to tell them to shape up the place or I go. It is good to have skills for which is in high demand; it is good to be King.


This weekend Someone and I drive to Palm Springs for a weekend of doing absolutely nothing. I plan to sit, read, do puzzles, catch up on blogs, and nothing else. I have to remove myself from home to sit still as at home I am constantly getting up to do putz chores.


It is cool enough here in Arizona to turn off the AC and open some windows

October is the most pleasant month to be in Phoenix.


Speaking of October, every year at this time I try to do some sort of quilting project for Hallowe’en. This year I am trying to do a project I started last year but didn’t have time to complete. If I complete it and if there is a working digital camera I will post it as proof of my industry.


Spo-fans may recall I have a large stack of Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines I am slowly going through and ripping out potential recipes. By now I have a few inches of torn out pages. And I still have quite a stack of magazines to tackle. I’ll bring an armful with me for the road trip to Palm Springs


I am trying to figure out how the Mac works. It is overall more ‘user friendly’ but it is different – I have a lot to learn.

Well that is about all the Random Thoughts I have for now – again work demands thwart me from ‘making rounds’ to the blogs but I will get around soon.