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I sent Ms. Insanity on holiday. She is visiting the Furies at the spa. I hope she gets a chemical peel.

I want to thank everyone for well-wishing us in our new status of unemployment. I was grateful.  Someone is doing OK.  His company shut down three whole buildings so goodness knows how many lost their jobs last week.

I had a meeting with the boss-men last Friday. I think it went well; I asked them to do a few things (such as pay me more) and they sound open. It is nice to feel work wants me bad enough to pay me more not to leave. 

insane1    It is Sunday afternoon. I have spent most of the day dictating evaluations. My favorite new case is a man with the belief his weight is due to people in space ships who siphon from his body the “hormones that make you skinny”. They sell it to others to make them skinny and thus he remains fat.  Who knew? Try to tell as many people as you can in town.

Between paperwork and home matters I haven’t had any time to check in on my blog list – I hope to get caught up this evening. I miss reading my blogs.

Yesterday my personal trainer had me do some sort of squat where you put the barbell across the front of the chest on top of the clavicles, supported by the arms. Today my butt is very sore and it aches to sit down and (worse) to get up.

Last night we went to a birthday party that had for its theme appetizers from the 1950s. We made stuffed celery.  It was nifty.

Speaking of retro, this evening we are going to watch the first episode of a series called “Mad Men”. The best friend says it is a must see show, particularly for me.

Today we helped our neighbor set up her tree. Bah Humbug and phooey.insane2