It’s been cloudy and raining here in Arizona. I woke up to hear the gentle patter of rain on the roof. It was lovely. It felt we were in the Pacific Northwest again – I really should be in Seattle or Portland.

We went next door for Thanksgiving. There was some mild drama about ‘what to bring’.  As is the wont, The Lovely Neighbor wanted us to bring nothing. As is our wont two gay men showing up to a dinner without something wasn’t going to happen. We made long carrot strips with a peeler, cooked them long enough to be plastic, and used them to tie up bundles of sauted beans.  Ha! Suffer, Martha Stewart and 2 snaps up!

For the first time in my life I have thighs! The weight training is paying off! I look in the mirror and no longer see ‘chicken legs’ but properly proportioned gams. I am pleased as punch.  I can ‘squat’ 185lb; I can dead-lift 225lb. That may not be much to some of you but it is progress for me.

enyaI am also pleased my Goddess-Divas have new albums! Both Enya and Loreena have new winter/holiday CDs. has them on sale if I buy them with a 3rd album – Sarah Brightman’s new album. She is only a demi-goddess, but I like the notion of a ‘triple goddess discount”. Poor Someone. He doesn’t care for any of them and I’m about to deluge the house with music brought to you by the Sacred Feminine.

This is the first full week of unemployment for Someone. I am trying to find him ‘things to do’ so he won’t get mopey or succomb to soap operas. Fortunately there is no lack of chores to do around the place.  He has a few hopes through contacts; we have our fingers crossed.

insane3This is also the first month at the clinic as the only doctor. They are not likely to find another one any time soon.  People can’t get in for months now.  I hope to ask for a raise to help with our home life matters.