We’ve had a rainy, cloudy week here in Arizona.  The skies are gray; a jacket is needed.  I’ve said it before – I must have been a Pacific Northwest Native American in some past life as this sort of weather invariably cheers me up.

Work update – I will only get a bit of the proposed raise. It not enough to cover our expenses on a one income house. So I will work a few more hours / week in 2009. It is a disappointment. But I count my blessings – the fact I have a job – let alone any sort of raise – are things for which to be grateful.

Someone and I both had some ‘What is this?” responses when we got out the Christmas trimmings.  We deduced we bought items in the after Christmas sales of 2007.  Apparently we are the proud owners of a 3ft penguin complete with bowtie.


Name the penguin and get a prize ! 

Spo fans may recall I am slowly going through a large stack of old Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines, I tear out the recipes that sound interesting to someday try.  By now I have quite a stack of ripped pages. The giving neighbor keeps bringing over more so the pile isn’t going down.

We are having a couple over tomorrow for a fabulous brunch. Someone makes very good Bloody Mary’s.  Do drop in.