It is Sunday night. Once again I don’t have anything written ahead of time.

It has been a tiring few days. An out of town guest kept us busy (no time for blogging!). Someone and I have been catching up with Christmas decorating and a few social events. I am happy to report the lights are up, the decorations are out, and most of the major ‘to do’ chores are completed. I can sit still – finally. It feels good to sit and think.

I have a few candles burning. I like candles, especially at the Solstice. It welcomes the return of the light.  Solstice and Christmas have in common the concept of Light and Hope showing up just as the year becomes its darkest.  I hear everyday more people losing their jobs, income, and health insurance. It seems there is little hope and joy this season. I hope all my blogger buddies have a good enough holiday. I hope 2009 brings you all better times and happiness.

The candles burn; the luminarias glow outside. Our christmas tree angel carries two tiny lights to keep the dark away.

These next few days could be frantic for me; it tends to get that way prior to a major holiday.  I need to take each hour, one hour at at time.  I don’t know how much free time I will have between now and Christmas, so don’t fret if you don’t see me leaving as many comments this week.  But I will try to post, and ‘make rounds’ on my (every growing) Friends of Spo.

As Nick says, give someone a hug.

By the way, I named the penguin Walter Weebles.  I will give him a hug.