big_rubys_roomsHello from Fabulous Key West. We have been here only 12 hours but somebody already has referenced “The Women”.

I am happy to report our guesthouse is more of less the same. The outdoor shower (for two) is still here. There is a new large hot tub. The weight room now has a TV in it -but it is playing instructional videos! Big Ruby’s offers daily bloody marys for breakfast each day. Yum.

Speaking of booze The Best Friend forbids me to have a day of nonstop drinking. I’ve told him he is not the boss of me – he replies “Oh but I am am”. Bitch.

It is somewhat chilly today – more sweatshirts than swimsuits. insanity


I am sporting the Black Butch glasses and the Bright Yellow Specs. (not at the same time though)

On the homosexual agenda today – We are going to spend the day reading books and gabbing. Apparently there is a football game on today but nobody here seems to know much about it.