Valentine’s Day was rather fun when I was a munchkin. Valentine’s Day was a pleasant little holiday. Its vivid reds, pinks, and whites helped the gray monotony of February.  We had simple cards which we would drop into gaily decorated paper bags that were taped to our school desks.  We could pick and choose our Valentine’s recipients (I recall giving a large heart to Eric R. – unsigned of course).  For a treat, we had those little chalky hearts – you know the type –  the ones with blurry pink writing saying such things as ‘hot stuff’ and ‘you cutie’.


Alas, Valentine’s Day became another “guilt holiday” when people are expected to provide expensive gifts and outings to show how much they love you. You are obliged to put out. I feel for the men who look glum trying to make sure they are ‘doing enough’. Their emotion is not happiness, it is ” I got to get this enough and right or she(or he) will kill me”. And the dinner better be awesome.

No fun in this.

Someone and I agreed we won’t be doing  V-Day. Some of this is economics; some of this is the decision we don’t have to buy something to express love. We will order some carry-out and watch a campy lovey-dovey movie.  Later, if we are not too tired, we may pantomime the story of Cupid and Psyche.


Happy Valentine’s Day to Spo-fans far and near, male and female, young and old.