Someone and I are suffering from allergies. Our eyes are red and itchy. I have clusters of sneezes; they are loud and very bass in tone. Uncovered, I can sneeze 5 feet. So I feel like a Dungeons and Dragons dragon. But instead of spewing fire, I spray head crud.

Speaking of Someone, he said in passing he is considering writing his own blog.
News, indeed!

Someone is spending these recent days cleaning and organizing the closets. They are greatly improved. “After all, it is my life’ is the phrase he tacks on to whatever chore he is doing.

It is Sunday and I am skipping church. This is somewhat out of courtesy (so I don’t cough and sneeze) and somewhat out of vanity (I don’t want anyone to think I have swine flu).

There is not much to do today other than dictate a case. Last week I had one of the most complicated patients in years. A 45 minute job went for 2 hours and I still don’t know what the hell to do. Curiously, they were pleased as punch ‘at all I had done for them’ – damned if I know what it did. 
Our influence on others can be profound without us really aware of it.

Blogger is not being nice. I can’t seem to ‘get in’ these past two days.

April was a record month here at Spo-Reflections. I had 20,000 visitors!

This week my parents arrive for a visit. My father and I have had a minor fracas over the necessity to rent a car for the weekend. I have repeatedly argued there is absolutely no need for a rented car, yet he keeps bringing it up. The manifest reason he wants a car is so my car doesn’t have to get used on our road trip. I suspect the real reason is he likes to rent cars when he travels and this exception upsets his routine.
If I discover he has rented one I am going to be quite cross.