Our pool was looking a bit green; it turns out the phosphate level was ‘off the chart’. Someone spent several days scrubbing the pool walls and getting the chemistries balanced. The pool looked clear, sharp and blue.  We woke this week to find most of the pool had drained – a valve did not close.  Poor Someone. All that work for naught. 

Despite AC, allergy pills, and things squirted into the eyes and nostrils, we are having allergies from hell. It is over a 100 degrees here; I hoped the heat would have burned off all the pollen at this point.

Once I start reading a blog, I usually continue to do so. However, there are a few blogs I am considering ‘dropping’. True, they are clever and I enjoy them, but the writers never acknowledge my presence or pay a reciprocal visit. This sounds childish as I write it out.  I hope I am making a discontinuation decision based on etiquette, rather than hurt feelings. 

I must face facts – I am getting a paunch. Not pretty. I am doing abdominal work, but it isn’t enough.  I need to watch portion control and eliminate evening snacking of starches.
I want a flatter stomach by year’s end – or else!

Please don’t tell my PCP, but I am going to start Red Rice Yeast. My cholesterol medication causes muscle cramps at the prescribed dose. My mother has never recovered from a severe adverse reaction taking cholesterol medication. So taking statins makes me anxious.  I’ve done some research with trustworthy colleagues; red rice yeast may supplement my prescription enough to allow me to cut down the prescription dose. I will know in three month’s time whether I am using snake oil.