Last Memorial Day Weekend saw the anniversary of my move to Arizona; I did so in 2005. So I start year #5 as a “Zonian”. I am getting used to the place. Arizona is overall rather pretty. Its flora and fauna are fascinating, but the drivers and voters are crazy. My Midwest blood has thinned. I don’t tolerate cold well anymore. I still miss The Midwest, especially proper midwestern thunderstorms. 



Speaking of local Arizona fauna, Someone found two more scorpions. One was in the silverware drawer; its fellow was in the sink under a pan. This makes our scorpion count 5. DougT of Gossamer Tapestry tells us they do not crawl up through the drains, yet the majority of the bastards are found in bathtubs or kitchen sinks. Poor Someone; it is always he who finds them.  


I signed up for another batch of personal trainer appointments. I have learned enough that I could weight-train on my own, but I sense I would slack off without structure. Having someone towards whom to account is also helpful at keeping me on my toes (or in the gym). 


watermelon-tiny-fruitMy melons and tomatoes seem to be growing; I am satisfied with their progress. The melons have put out some blossoms; I hope they are fertilized before the heat destroys the pollen. 


In a couple of weeks we may go to the local animal shelter and find out the process to adopt a dog. We’ve fancied getting a dog for some time. I think a dog would be a good companion of Someone who is still at home in the Hausfrau role.  We may get another cat though – I worry getting a dog may symbolize for Someone he is “home for good” and will never get a job.