I wanted to thank everybody who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday. It meant a lot to me.

The Thai food was marvelous. The chips and onion dip were absolutely fabulous. Freud thought the two instincts that drive human behavior are Sex and Death when it fact it they are Grease and Starch.  

Someone made me a lovely shortcake; he gave me a new Teaching Company lecture series, “The History of The Papacy”. We will listen to it when we drive to Santa Fe in a fortnight.


It is high summer. Summer in Phoenix is very hot; the pool needs to be cooled down to use it. We are experimenting with the water heater. It is out in the garage, which bakes at this time of year. Friends say we don’t have to heat their water as the heat of the garage does it for you.  So far they are right.  So we are showering with ‘solar heated water”. 


It was around this time of year my family (who lives in southeast Michigan) would go ‘up north’ somewhere between Grand Haven and Petoskey. I am rather found of Lake Michigan and the northwest part of the lower Michigan peninsula. I miss our condo in Charlevoix. As I type I have as wallpaper of a sunset against the Charlevoix lighthouse. 


Speaking of ‘home’, we have not been to Michigan for Christmas since we moved in 2005. I want to a Michigan Christmas this year, what with two new munchkins arriving in October and November. It will be the first time to see them.  My mother will be thrilled to have ‘all her chicks’ for Christmas. 

Perhaps I could see some Michigan bloggers then, the ones with the Christmas obsession?


I am working on a new pattern to make my shirts. It is a slow process as I keep bungling.

It is my own fault for NOT READING THE DIRECTIONS and trying to combine old and new pattern ideas before I appreciate the new one. If a shirt actually comes out of this, I will post a photo. 


Brother #3 and wife move to Seattle area at the end of the month. He has already sent out invitations to come visit. I am looking forward to this.