This upcoming weekend we go to Palm Springs. Although the main excitement is to see a friends and stay in a whorehouse new resort,  I very much enjoy Palm Springs in general. I like Palm Springs.

I don’t fit in. This sense of separation allows me to keep a slight distance and observe. It allows me to play Margaret Mead among the Bantus, watching local tribal behavior and customs. “What a find!”

I want to write it all down for the National Geographic.

What makes me a “goat” apart from the Palm Spring ‘sheep’?

First of all there is my age. The number of queens sorted by age makes a “U” graph. The average age of the local gay male is ~ 70 if he is a minute. At the other end of the curve are youngsters hardly into their 20s. They are after the seniors. So, at 47 yo I am an object of suspicion. I am too young to be a sugar daddy and too old to be a chew toy.

Then there is my physique.  I think I am in relatively good shape and not bad looking, but I immediately turn into a fat wrinkly drab on the streets of Palm Springs. No one seems to have their original face. The young ones  are perfectly sculptured; the old ones all look like they’ve had ‘work’.

The third factor is a bit nebulous, viz. my “Midwest Mentality”. It is not “Californian”. This is hard to describe. Being Midwestern is a combination of clothing style (none) and status seeking (little). Even the manners are different. There is an invisible sign around my neck, and the sign says ‘Hick”.  Someone takes the cynical view the sign is really “Dr. Hick”, so a few youngsters will want to get their predatory teeth into me nevertheless. hohoho.

Fourth and final factor – my lack of interest in celebrities. People are keen to spot somebody famous. As I don’t follow TV or movies; I am clueless. Someone (who has an eye for this sort of thing) frequently informs me if I had paid attention I would have seen “X” sitting at the outdoor cafe we just passed by.

I’ve learned asking ‘who is X?” merely aggravates the situation.