The sine quo non of the Attention deficit disorder wiring system is the difficulty to complete one thing before starting another.  Rather than starting “B” after you complete “A”, you start A, wonder off to start B, only to forget about both and start up with “C”. This scattered half-baked behavior shows up in many areas of my life. I tend to have several books going at once – I start a new book before I complete the old one. Several lectures on CD are barely started or halFway through. I have to start them over as I’ve forgotten what has happened so far.   Sewing projects are half-completed. The house is often littered with half consumed beverages.

I’ve tried blaming it on the House Elf but Someone sees through that ploy.

On top of this, I am having more ‘Why did I come into this room?” experiences. This is not ADHD but something else. This is probably a sign of normal aging but the alternative explanations are fun to contemplate.

I’ve announced I am rotting away from Wernicke -Korsakoff but Someone doesn’t believe that one either.

The diagnosis I am merely ‘dumb and dizzy’ I pooh-pooh as no fun.

So my hummingbird brain is causing some friction. I must be very careful not to ask a question Someone just answered a few minutes ago. I do periodic sweeps of the house to pick up the glasses.

Once in a while I think a dose of Ritalin would do me nicely. I would not dare write out such as ‘script for myself, and finding a shrink to prescribe it to me sounds tedious. So I run around unmedicated and unsupervised.

Besides, I don’t need medication so much as structure – and discipline. I think that would do me a world of good.