It is October, and that means Hallowe’en is coming. I count down the days to All Hallow’s Eve the way Benton awaits Christmas.  Spo-fans will see a few Hallowe’en related blog entries this month.  As it is the beginning of the month, here is the latest reading. Of course I use the Hallowe’en deck. This whimsical deck uses ghosts, imps, bats and pumpkins instead of the usual cups,rods, swords, and coins.

“What will the month of October hold for Spo and those of his ilk?” is the question.


From the Bats (thought) – Page of Bats. This young person heralds a new thought or idea coming this month. Worthwhile to nurture it along. Or does it mean the arrival of new man of some sort?


From the Ghosts (emotions) – 9 of Ghosts. Happiness and joy.  Some see this as the ‘wish card’, viz. something you hope to see will be so.


From the Pumpkins – (property or money)  3 of Pumpkins suggests another ‘start of some industry’. Good month for activities or any sort.


From the Imps – Queen of Imps is a personal card. She grows sunflowers and has a black cat, two things I used to have. This card tells me the reading is particularly about me, rather than about others (sorry).

hanged man

Major Arcana – The Hanged Man – a change of perspective or lifestyle.

Summary – New things are developing, things I have longed to do/have. I anticipate a lot of productivity and ‘action’.

Considering the ‘main card’ of the month is The Emperor, who is Masculinity incarnate,  there may be physical matters happening.

I think I know what may mean, but I will say no more!