It is Sunday night, and the weekend is about to end.

Sunday nights make me thoughtful. As usual the weekend has flown by all too fast. On Sunday nights I feel time passing more than any other time.

Someone and I went out to ‘Show Tunes night” at the bar and we enjoyed the tunes and a few cocktails. I was flattered a passing man who gave me a peck on the cheek. He was drunk I suppose, but it is nice to be desired. I have a strong propensity to be desired; it can be a handicap.

Someone is asleep outside on a lounge chair, under the rising full moon. As I write this, soft music plays, conjuring up memories of where I was and  where I may be going.  Who knows what happens next.

I am feeling a bit sad this evening. Some of this is Sunday night blues. Some of it is meditation on the passing of time. Spo-reflections used to have thousands of ‘hits’ per day. For reasons I don’t understand my blog attendance has dropped. I don’t know why. I strongly suspect so many blogger buddies have ‘moved on’ viz.they are no longer blogging, so they don’t visit me anymore. I miss them a lot. So I am especially grateful for the ones who remain. I thank you very much for stopping by. I remind myself I blog for my own need to express myself; anyone who finds me interesting is extra/

I hope you have a good evening, and a good week.

Always have the courage to love and live and be not afraid to be your Self.

See you tomorrow night,

Michael AKA Ur-Spo