Richard_Scarry_s_What_do_people_do_all_dayNephew #1 had to write out an essay as to what he does all day. What I do day in and day out is repetitious and I dare say ‘dull’. But it has a routine, and there is some mild satisfaction of knowing things are more or less predictable.

“What does Spo do all day?”

I always get up at at 6AM, even on weekends. By having a regular wake up time I have trained myself to have a good night’s sleep.

I get to work at 7AM. The first patient is not scheduled until 8 o’clock. This hour is quiet – no interruptions or phone calls etc. I get a lot done. I make a pot of tea, which will last me the day.  If I have time I write out a blog entry to post that night.

Every work morning I look over my patient roster to see if there are any disagreeable patients coming in today. This is not a custom peculiar to me, all doctors do it. Every doc has a few higher maintenance patients which illicit the “Frau Blucher” response.

Too many “Zorgenkinder” make for a draining day.

I see patients ~ every 15 minutes, unless there is a new patient, who gets 45. I have a OCD Swiss/German-like routine so as not to forget what I need to ask. I type as the patients give out their information. By now, I am a whiz of a typist. If medicine ever folds I could be a good court reporter.  Alas, there is no scheduled free time in my schedule, so scut work has to be squeezed in sometime. “No shows” are a blessing, for it allows me to  handle piling up faxes from the pharmacy, telephone calls, and other matters of the moment.

I usually start the day on time and interested. By the end of each work day I am not on time anymore.  Patients with the most needs tend to come in at the end of the day just when I am pooping out. (why is it that patients who are doing well schedule in the morning hours?). I seldom end at 5PM.

Right after work comes exercise – Mondays and Wednesdays are with the trainer. We go for one hour.  On Tuesdays I run on the ellipictal machine.  It is symphony season, so Thursdays are the Phoenix Symphony. They do a fine job. Alas, between the length of the day and the warmth of the symphony hall, I seldom stay awake.

I don’t think I have ever stayed awake in a concert.

Fridays are a bit ‘open’. It is the one workday I have a full hour for lunch. It is tempting to just work through it to cut down on weekend homework. Sometimes Someone comes down to join me for lunch (for I eat alone). Afterwards, we may have a ‘date night’ and go eat out, as a treat.  Someone likes movies, so we go see a flick provided I can find one that won’t make me ill.

Despite all the work therein, the work week goes very fast. They seem to whiz by at a greater pace.

Nowadays, Someone makes our dinners. One positive about his unemployment – we are eating better prepared meals. In the hours before bedtime, while he watches TV, I am dictating charts and doing homework. Then I read my blogs. If I am a good boy I may remember to stretch. I may sew on what projects are at hand.  I love to read, so there are a few books going.

I set out a glass of ice cubes. When I get up in the night with a dry mouth (an Arizona hazard) there is cold water nearby (the stuff from the sink tastes nasty).

Both of us tend to ‘plug in to our Ipods” to fall asleep.