Not much is happening  here.  Someone is watching “Dexter” via rented DVDs. The programme makes me ill, so I’ve been spending more time in the other room, surfing the net looking at fabrics. I am trying to locate something fabulous from which to make a shirt for Key West 2010.

So far nothing is grabbing me. I would like to find:

martini glasses

rainbow stripes

palm trees

black bamboo on white

These simple requests are elusive. I’ve found some but they are not ‘quite right’. Well, I have a 3 months to find one.

This weekend I want to get out the fall and Hallow’en decorations. My only clues it is autumn is

the sun is no longer coming up before I awake and the Christmas things are going up in the crafts store.

Some autumnal decorations are in order. I recently finished this little quilt –

Video Snapshot

It did not come out too well. I must consult dancingwithfrogs to learn how to “applique” properly.

Speaking of quilts, it is time to get cracking on the quilt for Princess-Goddess, whose arrival is scheduled or early November. Her quilt is ‘fish’ themed.

So that is all the (non)news of the week.