Spo-Reflections has seen three Hallowe’ens so far. I’ve written a lot about the topic; my personal memories about the holiday are available in past October posts. I am half tempted to  put up old entries like ‘The best of Spo’ but this sounds suspiciously like TV programme reruns. So I will keep with ‘fresh thoughts’.

It should come as no surprise I was very serious about what costume to wear at Hallowe’en. I also helped design and make my brother’s costumes (clue #11).

I don’t remember all my costumes, but here are a few:

Best costume – Executioner

Once upon a time I had a pseudo-medieval axe. I used it as a prop to make a sort of Quasimodo executioner. I exploited and increased the small hump on my neck.  I was wore a cowl; in one hand was the axe, in the other a severed head – a mask stuffed with paper to fill it out.

It came in 2nd place in a content. I lost to a man impersonating Ethel Merman, whose singing I dislike to this day thanks to this gross injustice.

Worse costume – Mummy

I was wrapped in bandages. By the time I got to school my costume had fallen apart. I fought back tears from the disappointment and embarrassment. I remember my grade school teacher Mr. Peno tying  me up with duct tape (He did this well). That Hallowe’en I had to quickly purchase a backup store bought costume.

Oddest Costume – A Dice

I  painted a large cardboard box with black circles and wore it as a dice. I think my brother and I were to go as a pair of dice, but he backed out. I can not recall what possessed me to do this”.

Plainest Costume – A Ghost

This was for my last Trick or Treat. I was pushing it into Junior High School, so I wanted to hide the fact I was an ‘older kid’. However, my height gave it away.

“Queerest” Costume – Elizabeth I

Technically not a Hallowe’en costume, but for a “Come as Your Mother” theme party. The skirts were too big to get into a taxi, so I walked. There were car honks. I know  I was not the first queen seen walking Halsted St. in Chicago.

Worse Costume (in hindsight) – A Chinaman

I had a Chinese plastic mask, the like was out of some awful “B” movie. I had on a (Japanese) kimono and some sort of Chinese hat I am certain no one in China actually wears. At the door I would bow and say ‘Ah-so” and ‘me likee fortune cookie” etc.  I must have been about six years old at the time, and it was the 60s, so take that into account.  Oh the horror.

The costume I wanted to have but did not do – Pan

I wanted to go bare chested with little horns. I would play my pan flute, and drive people into a frenzy.  Alas, 10/31 in Michigan is often cold, I knew there was no way my mother would let me run around bare chested at night time.

I’ve compensated for this deprivation. Many a time I have run around bare chested at night, trying to conjure others into an erotic frenzy – but I am saying no more!