‘Tis the season hohoho to read ghost stories and watch scary movies.  However, these night time indulgences are working all too well as they are giving me the creeps.

A few times when I get up to go to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water I’ve run into Someone, only to let out a shriek. This makes Someone shriek as well, and become somewhat cross what the hell is the matter etc.

Normally the large double doors to the bedroom are left open, but the cupboard and lamp in the hallway now look like a small alien. Behind him is some sort of large dark spook. They are plotting to suck my blood so I have to  keep the doors closed.

The east side of the house is particularly creepy and I won’t go into it without the lights on. Someone doesn’t believe my theory of poltergeists responsible for the continual half consumed beverages sitting around the house, nor does he go for the goblin hypothesis to explain the consumption of the peanut butter.

So night time at our house is a nervous matter.

So far I have not heard any laughter or whispers or voices telling me to ‘Get Out!”.

To discourage the ghosts, I am leaving a light on in the other side of the house.  Ipods are good at keeping away things that go bump in the night. Kate Bush is particularly good at staving off the ghoulies (and at times Someone, who  goes to the living room couch).