Halloween Bow

Someone opened the Hallowe’en candy bags in order to dump them into their appropriate buckets for Trick or Treat. This means ‘candy is handy’ and way too tempting.  I suspect merchants hope we will eat it so we are obliged to purchase more. But I am being strong.

I look forward to our annual block party. There will be food and neighbors aplenty.  As distributing candy is thirsty work, we will have a bottle of Vampire Pinot Noir as well as a shaker of black martinis.

This year’s Hallowe’en “A” candy is real sized chocolate bars (no rubbish) for children with good costumes and good manners.

If you would like me to read The Tarot for you, I would be happy to oblige.

I will do so on All Hallow’s Eve, a very good time to examine the cards.

You need to ask a question, such as ‘what does 2010 hold for me?” or “Where should I concentrate my energy?” or “Anything major coming up I should know?” etc. I will send you an email with the answer.