November is a depressing month of a lot of people but I rather like it. There is a hint of winter and snow on the way as well as the holidays.  There is a break between the revelry of Hallowe’en and Thanksgiving.  So November is a feeling of anticipation – or was, until Arizona came along, where it remains 88 degrees. Thanksgiving outside is a bit unsettling.

This weekend I fly to Michigan to attend the memorial service for Richard. By doing so, I get to see ‘real November weather’ again.  I also get to see my 1 month old niece, Warrior-Queen and a lot of other relatives.

Speaking of nieces,  Brother and DIL #3 see the arrival of Princess-Goddess, adding to the long list of friends and family with birthdays in November.  I count over a dozen.

Someone and I have a lot of tickets to hear operas, concerts and what not.   We get to hear This Fellow sing.

We hear Chanticleer, see the Met’s Aida, and attend Salome (oh my favorite!) so I am very excited.

With Key West only 3 months away I need to get in shape and get cracking on a few new gowns shirts lest there is talk. There is always talk, but not about me thank you very much !