Note – all my evenings this weekend have been booked – I haven’t had chance to stop by my favorite blogs.  I promise to ‘catch up’ this weekend ! 

Recently at Richard’s funeral, I was touched how many of his colleagues came to pay respects. Many gave eulogies of what a good lawyer he was.  He had lots of professional support, but only one actual family member.

When I go, I will have family but no colleagues.

My professional life is lonely. At my present job, I work alone. In Michigan I worked with other doctors, but they were bosses. Other than a periodic business matter we did not socialize; we ‘did not bond’.

My attempts to contact colleagues from school days or earlier jobs have resulted in disappointment.

Truth be told I’ve never had close friends who were colleagues. Among my friends , not one is a medical person, let alone a psychiatrist. This is a source of sadness.

Nowadays it is just as hard to meet professional friends as anybody.  Everybody is busy; Phoenix is too spread out. Since I get my education via CDs  I don’t go to meetings or conventions. The Phoenix Symphony has a ‘club’ of physicians who attend the Symphony – this may be a lead. But I suspect this means shelling out money, and I am right now in a cheap phase.

I admit some of this is my (too high?) standards. I like bright people. I’ve worked with a few psychiatrists who were “not too good”. I don’t know of any ‘good psychiatrists’ here in the Valley. And I have a bit of snob to me; I want to chum and schmooze with doctors, not nurse practitioners.

So I am professionally alone. I need to get out to some of those god-awful pharmacy sponsored dinner/talks, and see if I can meet some colleagues.