Video Snapshot


Sunday mornings require a bigger cup. I brewed Twinings English Breakfast. I don’t usually use tea bags, but I found a few in the basket which holds my stash.

Yesterday at the gym I worked on my legs, and by afternoon by back was in protest. I’ve called a masseur as enough is enough. Oh how my back aches this morning.

Last night Someone and I went with a couple of chums to see a play about a man who falls in love with a hustler. The life of a hustler intrigues me. When I was young I actually considered this sort of job – getting paid for you want to do anyway.  I never did, nor have ever hired one. I think now if I hired one I would want to spend the evening interviewing him about his motives, history, etc. This would make him cross I imagine , but he would get his 200 dollars anyway.

At 47 I am too old to hustle, and too young to be a sugar daddy , the gay equivalent of the ‘sandwich years’.

The depraved homosexual agenda of the day consists of finishing my paperwork and working on a shirt. My back thwarts going to church or much else for that matter. I should renew some memberships and donations.

For breakfast we have leftover lasagna, which is not as good as cold pizza. But there you have it.