Video Snapshot-1


Oh lordy does my back hurt – stiff as a board and aches so. I hope Someone packed enough Motrin in my lunch box.

Goodness knows what I am going to do with the personal trainer today. Perhaps it is a good opportunity to take that photo we’ve been meaning to do. I found a photo of myself from 1994. I still have the same shirt. I will wear it and get a new photo and ‘compare and contrast’ to 10 years ago. I will airbrush out today’s pained expression though.

Last week was chock full of activities; this week has nuttin. Perhaps I can finish a friend’s birthday shirt. It is covered with ants, beetles and even tarantulas. Whatever floats your boat, right?

My cold sore finally dried up and left, so if anyone wants a kiss now I can oblige. 50 cents. 75 cents for the pretty ones. And a dollar for an Urpso smack.  All proceeds go to charity – The Urspo Foundation for lower back pain.