Someone and I are toying with the idea of sending out Christmas cards.  We have never done this.

When I was growing up, Christmas Cards were a serious business. It seemed everyone sent them. My parents would prepare ahead of time the card/photo to use, address each card, etc. in an assembly. They worked as a team. My mother had an address book for Christmas cards  correspondances – it included a check box to monitor whether or not  cards were reciprocated.  They signed each of them and always included one or two lines of personal handwritten news or salutation.  Sometimes Mother wrote more.

Christmas cards came in daily; they were displayed in a special bowl or platter.

Well, that was then and now is now. Fewer and fewer people send Christmas cards. No one has the time. It seems a waste of paper too – and the cost of stamps makes it all prohibitive. What few cards we get are a disappointment. They often have those wretched xeroxed “Christmas letters”.  I confess – I haven’t read one in years.

So why are we considering sending out Christmas cards? I think it is an valiant effort to slow things down.

I started getting “Christmas e-mail” a few years ago. A friend of mine writes a paragraph of news and Christmas greetings, “CC” it to everyone in the address book and – voila! – all done in less than 10 minutes and at no cost.

Christmas e-mail are as cheery as receiving SPAM.

So perhaps it is time to try our own  Christmas cards. “Proper” ones- no rubbish – with handwritten addresses and one or two lines of personal thoughts in red ink.

What a nice little gift it could be, among all the nasty bills, junk mail and endless parade of catalogs.