A crate of Maipe wine (a Malbec wine from Argentina )

Cha-cha heels, black ones (although nice girls don’t wear cha-cha heels)

A King-size Titanic Unsinkable Molly Brown cannister of Gummi Bears.

 A chauffeur so I can do homework/return calls in the 1-2 hours I spend each day in a car.

3 yards of cotton fabric with a martini glasses pattern

Something I will leave intentionally blank lest ‘they’ are reading.

A new Aardvark (my old one is getting quite rusty)

A 24 hour on-call geek to tell me how to operate cameras, laptops, and other foul technological tools of evil.

Margaret’s Hope Darjeerling Tea, 2nd growth.


Home made cheese, real cheese, no rubbish.

Jack Radcliffe or something like him, dropped on top of me.