It is Saturday morning and I’ve slept in to 730AM.  Thanks to my father, Saturday Mornings are forever associated with the statement “THERE IS WORK TO BE DONE !!!” As boys we despised it; as adults we all say it.

Somewhere Freud is laughing.  We turn into our parents after all.

And there is Work to Be Done, indeed. I have a case-full of cases to dictate and chart to review.  I promised Someone I would think of a REAL list of what I want for Christmas (I just better get those cha-cha heels).   I have a gym appointment and then a haircut.  Someone proposed we start getting out and up the Christmas trimmings. We should start writing out the Christmas Cards so they will get out before Christmas, for Lord’s sake.

I made an extensive ‘to do’ list but I can’t remember now where I placed it.

Right now I don’t feel good. Last night I found a box of Goldfish crackers in the pantry. I think Someone bought them for some sort of cooking dish (ground up, they make a tasty coating for fish fries).  I crawled into bed with it and ate the whole damn thing like a beached whale, which is exactly what I feel like this morning.  Serves me right for making love to a large load of nasty carbs.

Well dearies, it is time I find some tea. I think a strong Assam is called for this cold Arizona morning. It is only 38 degrees; we may have to break down and turn on the heat.

There is a message to call a patient. It state “He spent his unemployment check on women and drugs. Please call, he needs your help”.   Can it be he is calling for a loan?