I am rather cross these days. (Someone calls this ‘being cranky’).  I am analyzing the emotional state (as is my wont) to discover the etiology and contributing factors. So far, I’ve rounded up with the usual suspects: I am over-worked, I am not getting enough sleep, and I am feeling the pressure of Christmas. Christmas is two weeks away and I haven’t done anything for it.

I suppose it is pressing on my deep-rooted sense of “My Own Time”. This neurotic wound is quickly touched whenever I feel entitled about some bit of Time.  If someone or something intrudes on my Time, I can get hot and bothered. An unexpected event, a telephone call in the midst of dinner, an ‘add-on’ patient when I anticipated free time to catch up – these push “The Time Button”  if I am not conscious and careful.

The concept of Ownership of Time is rather funny when looked at in the abstract. I can’t make Time. It comes at the same rate no matter what happens.  Time can’t be saved. Time can only be spent wisely or foolishly.

And people barging in on my Time is the sine que non.
Taken to its conclusion: I have no Time of my own.

Surrendering Giving In to this Tao concept makes for less ire and outrage. Everything I want/need to do gets done.
Not to be fretting.