Holy Gus !

Spo-fans may recall last week when I admitted I was a Stephen King ‘Virgin’. I was  in need of advice what novels of Mr. King to read.

I was grateful for everyone’s suggestions; I made a list to purchase a few of them some day.

When, lo! An unexpected parcel appeared in the post. A wonderful marvelous Spo fan sent me some books !

(There is no thrill like new books!).

I won’t tell you who did this, lest he be embarrassed. (but his initials are RG ).

Not only is this Stephen King Virgin ‘deflowered’, I feel I’ve been gang banged!  Thank you RG for your generous thoughtful gift!

It made me think –

A – how wonderful it is to have blogger buddies


B – how much more I can get out this racket.

So,  Let it be known I am a “Virgin” for

Dom Perignon

Leather Chaps

Plane tickets to Paris


Spo-fans are welcome to send these items any time !!!