When Someone and I go home for Christmas next week, I hope to see a lot of people and do a few things.  I want to go to Frankenmuth. Spo-fans who live in Michigan instantly know what I mean.  Others need explanation.

Frankenmuth is the home of Bronners, the world’s greatest Christmas store.  It is the Michigander Mecca; all residents of the state must pilgrim there once in their life time. Many go every year – ‘It ain’t Christmas until we go to Bronner’s!”.  I want to see and experience ‘a real Christmas”- just once more.

When I was growing up, Bronner’s was in several stores throughout the town. Now it is ‘under one roof’ just outside of town. And what a roof. I don’t recall how many acres it is. The interior is like being inside the mind of a 6 year old. Bronner’s has literally everything for Christmas time. No rubbish either.

Many of our Christmas tree trimmings come from Bronner’s. I want get a few more glass icicles (we’ve broken a few) and wooden garlands (not enough for our bigger tree). Everyone in my family has their own Bronner’s ornament with his or her name on it (what a good gift for the new nieces).

Afterwards, we go to Zehnder’s and have one of their famous chicken dinners.

Christmas and chicken dinners – that’s Frankenmuth  !

However, the Grinch may win out on this tentative field trip. Bronner’s the week before Christmas resembles Wal-Mart,6AM on Black Friday. The crowds and chaos may veto the 2 hour drive necessary to get there. The restaurants will be packed too.

So we will have to see.

If you are ever in Michigan, it is worth seeing.