Someone and I are packing, for we are are off and away hohoho to Michigan, Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice. I want a “White Christmas”  – but not too much white, as we will be driving all over SE Michigan.
Someone and I are in competition with St. Nick to visit as many houses as possible. We pilgrimage to Bronner’s on Christmas Eve Day. I am excited to go home and see the family. We will actually have two Christmases. The 25th is the quiet one with the parents. The 26th is the very loud one when Brothers #2-#4 and their families arrive.

Between little free time and limited internet access, I don’t know how much blogging will occur.  I apologize if you don’t see me much this week. I will make a valiant effort to drop in to my blogging buddies when I can. I have my Christmas post already. I hope Spo-fans will check in on me as well.