This was my first time traveling at Christmas time. Although the crowds at the airport were the most I have ever seen, the process went without a problem. The Staff at US-Airways are commended for doing good crowd control while being pleasant. I ran into no nasty people or glitches. I was grateful.

We are in Michigan, Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice. There isn’t too much snow but enough to make it ‘white’. For this too I am grateful.

Cripes, it’s cold !!

My mother, bless her heart, is already pushing homemade food and treats on us.  If I don’t watch myself I could gain weight easily.

It will be a pleasure to fall asleep in the “Kiefer bed”. This bed was made by my great great father Kiefer. The bed has been passed down from generation to generation.

Tomorrow Someone and I drive to Ann Arbor, Land of U-M.

I hope all is well with my blogger buddies and Spo-fans near and far.