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Most people get festive on New Years’ Eve. I tend to get thoughtful and reflective.  On the plane ride home I reread this year’s journal. I recalled what happened this year.

Each year’s diary conveys a general theme and emotion.

At the conclusion of  reading 2009’s journal, there is a sense of neutrality. 2009 had some pleasant times;  it had some sad ones too. 2009 was a copacetic year.

The year seemed a bit dull, without great growth or revelations.  The year ends with a ‘hmmm’ rather than a ‘wow’ or a ‘phew’.

The year went by quickly. Some of this is the process of aging.  In 2009, Someone and I both showed signs of growing older. There is paradox to neutrality; when nothing happens, time flies.

It reminds me of the following quote from Graham Greene-

“The Accumulation of Memory!

A man without memories may live to be 100 yet feel like his life had been but a brief one”

So where does this put me for 2010?  I won’t try to make 2010 particularly ‘anything’.

I will let it be and see what happens.

This Zen approach sounds right.