This is my new polo shirt Someone gave me for Christmas.  It is acid pink – a flamingo on crack.  Ain’t it fabulous?  I gave him a pink shirt too. His is more soft/warm/pastel pink. After all, he is a ‘Spring”.  Now we can go out in public as a couple of pansies.

As is my wont, the first word of the new year is “Rabbit”, which is said for good luck.  I think of my brothers, as we have done this since we were little boys.

I will read “The Little Match Girl” this night, as is also my wont.

Someone and I don’t have any NYE plans. I will watch Times Square – 10PM MST – and go to sleep.

I wish Spo-fans the best for 2010. May this new year be something marvelous for us all. May it be the best year ever.