Someone and I have different approaches to TV watching.    

He has the ability to sit still and watch TV for hours at a time. TV lulls him to sleep; when he can’t sleep he will go watch some until he does.  He is broad minded he enjoys just about everything. TV watching is his first line of entertainment.  He likes it on as background.

I can’t sit still for more than 15 minutes. There is no way I could fall asleep watching TV; it keeps me up.  I am very picky what I watch. After a day of work the last thing I want to do is hear about problems, human suffering, people fighting etc. And I don’t like violence.  I will watch “The Weather Channel” continously.  TV watching to do when I can’t think of something else (a rare occurance).  I like music for background.

One other thing; Someone knows how to operate the several control remotes. I still don’t know how to turn on the system.

We find each other’s TV habits amusing and at times bewildering. I dare say even odd. “Why doesn’t he want to watch this?” is counterpointed with “How can he sit still and fall asleep watching Law and Order?”

After 13 years together, you would think we would merge with similar habits like convergent evolution.  Not so.

So this day/night  ying/yang  salt/pepper approach to the boob-tube is a quaint example how we keep separate identities and balance the universe.

One of us loves Project Runway; one of us can’t stand it.

Is there hope for us ?