About a year ago, Someone (real person) bought some Kinoki foot cleansing pads. He thought it would be fun to try. Apparently I made some sort of not supportive remark about them, AND Someone was hurt/we got cross/the pads were put away for year.  This week we found them, and after a ‘make up of sorts’, we figured what the hell – they are here let’s try them.

I know all patch medication is supposed to be applied “above the belt line” for better absorption.  I know the bottom of the foot has the thickest skin – hardly the best place for extraction of so-called  nasty toxins. But perhaps the patches would work by placebo effect. I would feel better simply for doing something.

As anexperiment I put on on the bottom of my left foot; the other on my right calf.

This morning the food pad is ugly green/brown.  I don’t feel any different really. Hardly ‘less toxic’. The pad extracted from my right calf (ouch) was white , unaltered.   Hmmm.

Well we have a whole box to play with.  I’ll keep you informed how detoxified we become.

But don’t fret we blew twenty dollars –

The make-up of sorts was worth the price!