Not much is going on at the moment. Work picked up, as is the wont, after the holidays. Someone remains busy with household tasks: it seems he is forever doing laundry. “It’s what I live for.” he informs me. We wonder how did it all get done when both of us were working.

The tarot card for the month is 5 discs, my least favorite card. It often warns of misfortune, loss, or personal grief.  Perhaps it refers to some sad and news, or the actions of some patients. Tarot cards do not predict; they ask you to reflect and be mindful.  

Our 13th anniversary is coming up at the end of the month. We are considering a quick getaway to Flagstaff for a weekend of snow, a fireplace and a few nice meals. Or not. It means moving the opera tickets. Neither one of us wants to miss “La Boheme”.  We consider it one of our favorites.

Key West 2010 is now a month away.  I am working on this year’s Spo-shirts.  The sewing fairies (myself excluded) seem to be against me, as every step is thwarted with errors and problems.  I hope the second shirt will be better.

Meanwhile, I work on getting in shape so I don’t look like a beached whale when I lounge around the resort.  When the previous personal trainer “J” left the gym to work somewhere else, he gave me to “F” with whom I have exercised for nearly a year. “J” has returned to the gym. There is talk about options – I can stick with “F” or go back to “J”.

I think it swell two brawny men covet me – I relish the fantasy they have bitch slap fights over who will have me. Perhaps I can go to the lowest bidder.  “I’ll have him for 60 dollars and hour” “No way! I’ll take him for 50”    that sort of thing.