I had a reality slap today.  One of my patients has the same birthdate as I. Last year when we discovered this, we made it a run-on joke about ‘going through life together’. This week she reported symptoms of perimenopause- she is beginning to have hot flashes, aches and pains, and night sweats.  She started taking black cohosh, a herb many women take for symptoms of menopause. She as an appointment to get her hormones checked.

While listening to this, it dawned on me – at 47 years old I am old enough to be in the same league as a menopausal woman. She joked I too can go through menopause with her, viz. male menopause.

Hot puppies!

Finally – I can feel the quiet satisfaction I fit in at Little Jim’s on Halsted in Chicago.

My female soul-mate did not explain male menopause but I can imagine…..

I get to act out be stupid buy a fancy sports cars and have plastic surgeries.   Alas, I am too cheap to do that.

Getting a young woman half my age viz. a “trophy wife” is indicated, although my trophy wife is more likely to be a marine sergeant.

What would Someone do? I’ve seen “First Wives Club” so I know what goes on. Bad idea, this.

I could settle on some spiritual maneuvers like quitting medicine and opening up a shoppe with crystals, tarot cards and drums.  In Arizona they are a dime a dozen.

Come to think of it, I will take some black cohosh too – on the rocks.