Saturday night we attend a party with the theme of ‘post holiday depression’.  Although it is called a post-holiday depression party, I keep referring to it as a postpartum depression party.  We are supposed to bring some sort of white elephant gift apropos to a post holiday depression party. As it is my first one, I don’t have experience for such. My consultation to Miss Manners was not helpful.  I thought about bringing old prescriptions mentioned a week back, thus killing two birds with one stone, but that is deemed tactless.

Someone (who has a knack for this sort of thing) is searching the house for an appropriate gift (and a new hors d’oeuvre – here we go again!)

Some time this weekend I need to finish sewing up a shirt.

Key West is a month away.

I have a massage/PT appointment this weekend. I hope my stretches paid off viz. I am more flexible. Otherwise my fellow will be cross with me.

Netflix sent “Xanadu” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” – two movies I have never seen. How’s that for a combination?