I have a handful of panaceas for treating illness: keeping hydrated and “Go lie down” are two examples. Stretching is another. Someone gets tired of my recommending it for whatever is bothering him at the moment (“You are what is bothering me at the moment!”)

In my zeal to get more muscular I am neglecting my stretches. As a consequence, I have a cranky lower back, bad posture, and hamstrings as tight as cables.  One of my new year’s resolutions is getting back into daily stretching.

I try to end each day with some sort of stretching. I am emphasizing the legs and back.  One of my favorite poses consists of lying on my back, butt against the wall, with the legs up the wall, soles up to the ceiling.

Then, I spread the legs to form a sort of “V”. I use an old neck tie looped around my feet to pull my leg this way and that. It looks a little silly if you happen to walk in on it.

The ‘rate limiting step’ are the hamstrings. Oh they are tight tight tight.

I will be patient.

I have the goal of being able to place my nose to my thigh or kneecap.  I can now just touch my toes again.

I have a long way to go.