Life is Strange but True.

Phoenix is having a week of clouds and rain and relatively low temperatures (50s-60s). It feels like the Pacific Northwest, which suits me fine. I imagine I was a Salish-man in a previous life, as this sort of weather invariably cheers me up. I am wasted living in the Southwest: I should be in the Northwest – or the United Kingdom.

(By the way, DougT’s partner Leon AKA The Wild One has property on Puget Sound. Doug and I sometimes joke we should spouse-swap when we retire. Leon and I can drip away in Washington. Doug and Someone can dry up in Tucson.)

Rainy cool days call for hot oatmeal, pots of hot tea (no rubbish) and old movies.  It is also a good time for naps.  Rainy gray skies, on the cool side, is excellent napping weather. Unless there is a thunderstorm – I can’t sleep through one of those – too much excitement, not to be missed.

Highway driving is a hazard. Apparently nobody remembers how to drive in the rain. They slow down as if it was 6 inches of snow, or they speed along like always. The combination of the two is not pretty; I saw several accidents on the way home tonight.