For two days or so I can’t think of anything to write. I think The Muses are punishing me for watching “Xanadu” and snickering at Miss Olivia and her sisters. My bitchy comments must have hit a nerve. So they are being mum. Perhaps they were blown away in our latest rain.

We had a lulu of a windstorm the other day. It was probably child’s play for people used to tropical storms or Midwest thunderclouds, but here in Arizona people went ape. We had mighty winds – perhaps the Fates went with them like those Nannies in Mary Poppins.

Perhaps it is all for the best. I face a weekend of paperwork. I have a case load that have to be dictated and phone calls returned. No fun in that. Perhaps I can get more work done while the Muses are absent.

If you should spot nine women on roller skates in 70s attire, would you please tell them I am all contrite and hurry home soon?