I assume most Spo-fans know the term “Friends of Dorothy” to describe a certain sort of person.  The expression “Friends of…..” is frequently utilized in our household to describe other types of person.

“Friends of Someone”

Someone, whose real name I shan’t use, is kind of a coot-magnet. He draws  rude, entitled, oldsters acting poorly. Cranky old people surround him in lines, at restaurants, etc. When we are out and about he uses “Friends of Someone” to communicate he’s been around somebody of that ilk. again.

“Friends of Mike”

I have the notorious ill luck to get into lines where the people in front of me go slowly. Even when I try to transfer to a faster moving line, the line will immediately slow down if not stop when someone upstream starts having difficulties “Can I use a personal check from my bank account from Lithuania?”  So, “Friends of Mike” describe slow-pokes.

“Friends of Rick”

I have a friend named Rick (obviously). Many of his friends tend to misbehave in public, often making adolescent jokes and be a bit pesky. So when we see a foolish fellow at a bar or restaurant, he is christened such.

“Friends of George”

As in George Walker. He is one of our favorite dramatists. He tends to write plays about very odd people doing outrageous things.

“Friends of Eeyore”

Connect the dots, folks.

And at work –
“Friends of Carl”

This is my tongue in cheek reference to Carl Jung.

Many people think they know Jung’s theories and what they meant, but often they only choose bits they find attractive and go with that. This gives real Jungian theory and application a bad name.  Friends of Carl do new-agey things but without any Wisdom. He may take a ‘mercury cleanser’, but have no idea what is in the tablet he ingests. Another FOC may decline conventional medication (which is fine) but then she puts different coloured gems on her trigger points to treat manic-depression.