Packing is part of the fun of going to Key West. As the days before the departure are usually busy, I pack several days ahead.

First, I have to figure out which Spo-shirts go – one for each day of the holiday. The ratio of shirts to days is ~ 3:1, so I have to play Survivor or perhaps better yet, Project Runway.  I feel like that awful Heidi woman as I tell my wardrobe you’re in or you’re out. This year I have three shirts making their debut; they definitely go.

Second, what books to bring. I’ve discussed this before.

I always bring a Tarot deck, in case someone needs their cards read. I pull out my dozen decks and ask “Which one of you goes to Key West?” I pull one card for each deck and voila!              Last year’s deck was The Tarot of Heironymous Bosch.

Back in the day when I had a CD player, I packed a 20 disc purse. Thanks to Mr. Ipod, this ritual is no longer necessary.

Then there are all the must-have-or-perish items.

A package of decent tea – no rubbish

Jerrold the Bear goes

Sunglasses are a must

I pack a pouch of personal items for those times The Best Friend is out, and Someone and I are left to talk.

And let’s not forget sunblock !