This weekend Someone and I scram town and go north to Flagstaff.  There is a splendid B&B Starlight Pines. We like it very much. “The hosts are most”.  Their place remind me of my grandparent’s house, where I have many good memories. The B&B has a marvelous porch swing, although I doubt I will be using it much this weekend.

We often visit in June, so I am under the illusion it is perpetually summer in Flagstaff.  The owners of the B&B inform me they’ve had record snow (over four feet!) and if there is any more snow they will turn the house in for an igloo.   Snow is exactly what I want.  I long for a weekend of doing nothing but sitting by a fire with a good book (and perhaps a stiff drink) and going nowhere.  Sitting still, what a concept.

Someone and I will have a nice dinner.  Perhaps I will get a haircut. We may go shopping, provided we can locate the stores buried under snowbanks.