I haven’t been on line this week. Without fail, work starts accelerating the weeks prior to a major holiday. Patients sense I am going away; they want to be seen and get ‘tucked in’ prior to my scramming. A few of them have become anxious/needy, sensing abandonment.

It happens every time I leave on vacation.  And there is all the paperwork to do prior to departure. . . . .

My mind rebels when it doesn’t have any free time to call its own. If the day is consumed with work matters, and the evening with house tasks my CNS wants a few hours of ‘me time’. This shows up at 11PM when I should be going to sleep. As a consequence, I am becoming sleep deprived. This doesn’t look well to new patients who often tell me their woebegon tales and here I sit fighting to stay awake, yawning.

This weekend won’t be much of a break. I will have a pile of to-dos. First I’ll have a crate-load of homework. Second, we’ll pack this weekend for Florida. I have one more Spo-shirt to complete.  I have a week of emails to return.

Enough kvetching. I will do some work related dictation. If it isn’t too late, I will drop in on my fellow bloggers and see what they are doing.