Today is the 4th year anniversary of


I say this every year – I thoroughly enjoy writing this blog.

It gives me so much; it fulfills a need to write, a desire to teach, and a platform to perform.

I am glad people find my scribbles interesting enough to stop by and read them. I am grateful a handful return on a regular basis. Writing is first and foremost a personal need; an audience is a major perk – and a blessing.

I have grown to know many people through this media. I feel I know some of you more than my ‘real life’ friends. I am truly blessed for Spo-fans letting me be part of your lives.  400,000 visitors now and counting.

Again I thank Michael for introducing to blogging. Who knew a casual poolside chat would turn into all of this?

I have no expectations again for the next year.

The number 5 in The Tarot is about changes and stir ups.

Let me see what Year #5 brings.

I hope you will come along.